Photovault: How to Resize

The club sets out the follow rules:
  • In Landscape orientation your Width cannot exceed 1920 pixels / Height will not be a problem.
  • In Portrait orientation your Height cannot exceed 1080 pixels / Width will not a problem.
  • And your image file size cannot be larger than 2000kb / 2mb

In order to get it under the 2000kb we need to further REDUCE the quality of the image. And this is done by moving the file quality sider to the left (this slider does not affect the size 1920 X 1080 of an image only the File Size Quality). On the below picture (This was taken from Photo Scapes) you will see the "Size" Block and in that block is a ? mark. That block tells you what your saved image file size will be in kb. The more you move it left the smaller the kb number will get the lower the quality of your image will become.

Photovault Resize

So when saving an image for club submission you only want to move the slider as little to the left as possible to get that number under 2000kb. By keeping it as close to the 2000kb range you are keeping as much of the "reduced" data as possible. (TIP) if you manage to get the Size to 2000kb and you save the image ready to upload to Photo Vault, you will find that the image gets rejected. This is because as your computer saves this image it adds some background info and this pushes the 2000kb to 2005kb and Photo Vault will not accept it. I usually aim for 1900kb.

The reason why this is so critical to your image is that you always want to show your image in its best state, when you over reduce this causes colour and tonal issues with your image and pulls an image down.

Below is an image of Photo Shops File size section. You will see that the file size below has been reduced to 80% under the Quality Tab.

Photovault Resize

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